Local adjustment Lightroom presets

Local adjustment brushes are something that many people either do not understand or are intimidated to use in Lightroom. In fact, adjustment brushes are one of the best and most powerful tools you can use in Lightroom.

With our Adjustment Brush Lightroom Presets, you can apply the effect you want just in select areas of your photograph. This is great for things like portraiture, where you might want the face to be brighter and the background to be darker.

How do adjustment brushes work?

When you edit a picture in Lightroom, you move sliders back and forth and change the way the picture looks. When you use adjustment brushes to edit a picture, you use the same sliders but – and this is the key part – you paint the area you want to be affected by the changes. Everything that is not painted with the adjustment brush stays exactly the same.

Adjustment brushes tips and tricks

You can control the size of the brush as well as the amount of feathering. Unless you are adjusting an area that has sharp lines, you always want a lot of feathering on your brush. This keeps there from being a harsh line between the section you have edited and the rest of the photo. The size of the brush is going to depend on what you are editing. You can use a tiny brush to edit just your subject’s eyes to brighten them, or you can use a large brush to slightly bump up the exposure on your subject as a whole.

To see what you have painted with your adjustment brush, simply type “o” on your keyboard. This will turn your adjustment brush areas red so that you can make sure you have not missed any spots.

Local adjustment Lightroom presets

The magic of local adjustment Lightroom presets is that they let you make adjustments quickly, without fussing too much with the slider bars. You can select the adjustment brush preset and just start painting it on.

Local adjustment presets for Lightroom are a game changer too because you can completely control them. You can control exactly where the preset is applied, so that you can be sure to get the image and effect you want. Especially for things like portraiture, you might have an image where your subject does not stand out from the background as much as he or she should. This can be difficult to fix just with sliders, but with a local adjustment brush it couldn’t be easier. Paint your portrait adjustment of choice on your subject, and immediately your person stands out from the background.

We are here to help you get the most out of Lightroom with our adjustment brush presets for Lightroom. Check out our selection of local adjustment presets and see how we can help you transform your photos!