Instagram presets for lightroom

A few years ago, Instagram took the world by storm. People had been taking and sharing photos on their phones for a while. Instagram offered a way to make those photos look amazing, with the addition of a simple filter. Just by filtering the color a bit, skin imperfections vanished and the whole scene took on whatever feeling the filters gave it.

Lightroom presets can do the same thing. And now you can get Lightroom presets that give the exact same look as your favorite Instagram filters.

The problem with Instagram filters up till now has been that you have to have taken the picture with a phone to be able to add the filter to it. So any better quality image – any image that has been taken with a better camera and lens than the phone has – wasn’t able to have an Instagram filter. If you thought an Instagram filter would be perfect for your picture and wanted to use it, you would have to save the picture on your phone, run it through the Instagram app, and come out with a picture that had been significantly downsized. What if you wanted a picture that had more detail and could be printed out in a larger size?

Now you can do just that. If you have a high quality picture that would be perfect for an Instagram filter, you can do it. Just click one button and you will have the social media perfect Instagram filter.

How do Lightroom Instagram presets work?

Lightroom presets are very simple. They are just a series of settings that are already arranged in Lightroom. When you click on the preset, these settings are applied to your photo. You don’t have to do anything else, though you can make further adjustments if you want.

Instagram presets for Lightroom can control everything from exposure and contrast adjustments to color, curves, and cross processing. You can create beautiful effects with just one click of a button, and all without having to spend time meticulously adjusting everything yourself. To make it even better than Instagram, once you do click your preset, you still have the option of making further edits to make it absolutely perfect.

Get your perfect pictures with Instagram Presets for Lightroom

Instagram isn’t just for low-resolution selfies anymore. More and more professional photographers are using it to showcase their work and get followers. Now with Instagram Presets for Lightroom, you can put Instagram’s awesome filters on your own photos. Lightroom Presets save you tons of time. You do not have to spend hours carefully adjusting the sliders on every single photograph.

Some photographers use Lightroom presets as a starting point from which they will edit further to make the picture truly their own. Other photographers put the preset on and leave it, trusting that the preset designer did a great job of making a first class preset. Whichever way works for you, our Instagram presets for Lightroom are here to turn your photos into art with just a single click of the button.