Film lightroom presets

There are some who say that film is out. Done. Gone with the wind. There are purists who say that film is and always will be the standard. Ansel Adams used film and so do they.

Frankly, we think digital photography is one of the great marvels of the world. You can take practically unlimited numbers of pictures without having to worry about the cost of film. You get instant feedback on how your pictures look instead of having to wait for the prints to come back. You can have complete control over your editing.

But film has a magic that digital doesn’t have. There’s a certain look to film prints. Film has character. You just can’t get what film has with digital photography.

Until now.

With our film Lightroom presets, you can get the charm and beauty of film. You can choose effects from different classic cameras and different brands of film. You can get all these beautiful effects for your images just by clicking one button. You don’t even need to spend tons of time editing your pictures. With our Lightroom presets film look, you can take your photography to a new level with just one click.

What are presets?

Presets are the best way to save time and get amazing results on Lightroom. They are simply sets of settings that are pre-arranged and saved, so that when you click on the button those settings are applied to your picture.

There are as many possible kinds of presets as there are possible combinations of settings. With how robust a program Lightroom is, that number is practically infinite. You can make your own presets. Just move your sliders and set your settings the way you want them, and click “save.” It’s as easy as that.

When you buy film Lightroom presets, we’ve done all the work to create the presets fine tune them, and basically make sure that they are going to look great on any picture you put them on. Click the preset you want and you will instantly be able to see the effect applied to your picture.

How to use film presets for Lightroom

Using film presets for Lightroom really couldn’t be easier. Just open up the picture you want to edit and click the preset you want to use on it. You will be able to see it transform right in front of your eyes. And if you then want to edit it further and make it look exactly the way you want it to, you can do that as well. Film Lightroom presets can be the perfect finishing touch for a picture you have been working on, or they can be a starting place that you will use to get the perfect look.

Film Presets for Professional Photographers

Our Lightroom film presets are perfect for professional photographers. Presets give you an easy way to create a uniform edit for all the pictures in a session. You can always go in and make further changes, such as smoothing skin and cloning out distracting details. But when it comes to simply getting all the pictures looking like they belong together on the same wall, presets are your friend. Check out our film look Lightroom presets and see how they could add character to your next photo shoot or session edit!