Lightroom vintage presets

Give your pictures that eye catching vintage look with our Vintage Lightroom presets. With effects like fading, sepia toning, and cross processing, your pictures will stand out with just a click of a button.

Our Lightroom vintage presets are designed to look like the effects you would see on an old picture. Think of the photos in your family photo albums. Some of the pictures are faded or hazed a bit, so the blacks are no longer perfectly black. Sometimes as the pictures fade, the shadows are revealed to have a bit more of a blue tint rather than being absolutely black, while the highlights take on a bit of a yellow color. This is a normal part of the aging of film, especially the film types that were used a few decades ago, and it gives the picture a lot of character.

Sometimes we want that same character in photo shoots today. If you have a model put on cowboy boots, a Stetson, and a lacy white sundress and go walk on overgrown train tracks in a ghost town for an hour, you are not going to edit it to bring out the rich greens of the trees in the background. You are going to want that hazy, faded, slightly yellow film look for your country themed photo shoot. If you do a boudoir shoot with steampunk costumes, this is not the time for a crisp, fresh edit that you might use for an outdoor wedding in April. You need your edits to give the photos character. They need to have weight.

With our Lightroom vintage presets, you have many different vintage looks to choose from. Whether you want something hazy, romantic and sort of gypsy-ish or something dusty and western and evocative of the wild soul, you are going to be able to get the perfect look for your photo shoot.

How do Lightroom Presets Work?

Lightroom presets save you tons of time and labor when you are editing your photos. Instead of spending half an hour on each image moving the sliders yourself and editing your photos by trial and error, you just click one button to apply the preset. This changes all the settings and your picture is instantly transformed. Don’t worry if you don’t love the way the picture looks, because you can always adjust each individual setting to make it perfect, or you can even take the preset all the way off and start again with the image as you had it SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera). Many photographers use presets as a lightning fast way to get their pictures really close to the way they want them to look, and then do further adjustments by hand to get them looking really perfect. Or you can use the preset and leave it exactly the way it is, for a jaw dropping instant edit.

Lightroom Presets give your photo shoots a unified look

When customers order prints from a photo shoot, they want to be able to hang their pictures on the wall. There should be some sort of a unified look to the pictures. If they look completely, wildly different from each other, there is no temptation for the customers to buy more prints and make a grouping of them. You miss out on sales, and your customers are less happy with the prints anyway, even if they don’t know why. When you use a single preset or a limited number of presets to edit your photos, the pictures look like they go together. Customers are a lot more likely to order multiple large prints of different poses when they can imagine the pictures hanging next to each other in a nice gallery display than if the pictures look like they need to be hanging in totally different rooms of the house. Lightroom vintage presets are perfect for unifying your photo shoot and creating a gallery that will make your clients want to order all the prints!