Lightroom presets for Vignettes

If you want to create a mood with your pictures, one of the easiest ways to do it is with a vignette. We have a whole set of vignette Lightroom presets that use different styles of vignettes to set off your subject and make your pictures pop.

What is a vignette?

With certain lenses and certain camera bodies, when you take a photo you will see a slight darkening around the corners. This dark area may actually form a full circle on the edge of the picture, or it might just be on the corners. This is a natural effect of quality lens design, and it is something that many people want in their photos. This darkening around the corners or edges is called a vignette.

In Lightroom, when you put on your lens corrections to get rid of any distortions that you might have gotten with your lens, the program will also take off any vignetting that happened as a result of the lens. Without a vignette, the picture looks quite a bit flatter. Instead of highlighting the subject or the middle of the picture, it looks color-wise like everything is equally important – even the background in the very corners of the picture.

When you put a vignette on, it finishes the picture out. It makes it look complete. It highlights the center of the image and lets the edges and corners fade off. It makes it look like you took the picture with a super expensive lens and body – even if you didn’t!

On Lightroom, when you select highlight priority vignetting, you can move your slider to the left or the right. To the left, the vignette will show up black. To the right, it will show up white. Which vignette you choose is entirely up to you. If you are doing a Christmas shoot and you want to hint at the presence of snowflakes even if there are none to be found within a hundred miles, a bit of a white vignette around the corners can help to give it that holiday spirits. On the other hand the black vignette has innumerable benefits simply because it makes the picture look more serious and more professional.

You can put on a vignette yourself in Lightroom. But we also have a bunch of Lightroom vignette presets. These aren’t presets just for the vignette, but they are presets for an entire look with the vignette designed. So your vignette fits in perfectly with your preset design, and you can choose the preset with confidence knowing that the vignette will be seamlessly integrated with the design. One of the pitfalls of editing a picture further after applying a preset is the possibility of messing it up. You don’t have to worry about messing up the picture by applying the vignette earring after the professionals have already come and gone. Let us take care of your preset needs for you.

Save Time with Presets

Presets give you a gorgeous final image. You can also get a gorgeous final image all by yourself if you are willing to spend the amount of time in Lightroom that it would take to get the same effects. What presets do better than anything else is save you time. Instead of spending half an hour on each photo, you are just clicking one button, making sure the picture looks ok, and then going on to the next one.

Sometimes, editing is half the fun or more. Sometimes it is not. But your photography customers still want you to deliver their pictures to them in a gorgeous package and in a timely manner. When you are working on a deadline, editing is no longer half the fun. It becomes the thing that you need to delegate so that you can just get your work done on time. Presets come to the rescue because you can get all the gorgeous effects your customers have come to expect from you, while barely spending any time at all on your pictures.