Lightroom presets for Fashion Photography

If you take fashion photos, you know that editing is just about as important as taking the actual pictures. The raw images you get straight on your camera are not anywhere near ready to appear in a magazine or on a website. Editing is at least half the magic and if you skimp on it you are skimping on your entire artistic process.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend all your waking hours editing photos, however. Editing can be a very time-consuming process. If you edit each photo from scratch, you will end up spending hours upon hours for a relatively small number of images. There is simply no way that anyone has time to manually click the “exposure” and “contrast” sliders for all the photos they take, not to mention the rest of the controls. It can take half an hour for each photo, if there are a lot of things you want to do with it and if you are being very meticulous about your editing.

Lightroom presets completely change your editing game. Instead of spending half an hour editing a single picture, it takes just one click. One click, and you are donee. The most difficult part of using our Fashion Lightroom presets is deciding which one to use.

How do Fashion Lightroom Presets work?

Presets for Lightroom are series of settings that are already adjusted. When you click the preset, it automatically applies all these settings to your picture in Lightroom. You can watch the picture transform before your eyes.

After you apply a preset, you can decide you are done with the picture or you can continue editing it. This depends completely on how much time you want to spend an how happy you are with the changes you saw from the preset. If you do not like what the preset did for your picture, you can even take it off and revert back to the way the picture was before.

Lightroom is a non-destructive editing program, meaning that you do not make changes to the original picture file that is on your computer. When you import a picture to Lightroom, you make a copy of the picture that lives in Lightroom. This is what you make edits to. So no matter how aggressively you edit your photo, you can always go back to the original file. You can even apply all your different fashion Lightroom presets to a picture, one at a time, and export each new iteration so that you have a whole list of pictures that are the same but have different editing processes applied to them.

Are Fashion Lightroom Presets a cop-out?

There are some photographers (mostly people who do not have very much experience under their belts yet) who are purists about presets. They take pride in the fact that they make all their edits from scratch. It’s not really anything to be proud about, though. Why would you be proud of working less effectively when there is a tool right there to help you work more effectively?

With Fashion Lightroom presets, you have total control over the way your picture turns out. You can choose to use the presets as a starting point and then continue to make edits from there. Or you can find a preset you like and just use it the way it is. It is entirely up to you. The only real cop-out is failing to make the most of your photography because you don’t have enough time to edit them the way they deserve to be. The way you could easily edit them with Fashion Lightroom Presets.