Black and white lightroom presets

Many people think that black and white is just a standard setting for photos. They think that there is only one way to do black and white, and that every black and white rendering of a color photo is going to look the same. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many different ways to render a black and white photograph, and our black and white Lightroom presets can help you get the perfect image out of your black and white edit.

Color Filters for Black and White Presets

The way a black and white picture turns out depends on what color filter is used for it. The different shades that appear in a black and white picture don’t just come from the relative darkness and lightness of the different areas. If you apply a black and white Lightroom preset that has a red filter, then the red areas are going to appear very light and the green areas are going to be very dark. If you put on a green filter, the opposite happens. This means that depending on whether you are turning a landscape or a portrait into a black and white picture, different Lightroom black and white presets are going to have very different effects.

Black and White Presets for Contrast

When you set a black and white preset for Lightroom, you can also choose presets that have very high contrast, or presets that have very low contrast. Higher contrast is very dramatic, of course, and creates a very moody image. Lower contrast is more subtle, and may be what you are looking for if you are doing a portrait where you do not want the person to look extremely harsh.

Black and White Presets for Clarity

Clarity is the control slider that controls your mid tones. When clarity is turned up high, those midtones are spread out to both sides of the scale (light and dark). So the fine lines in a person’s face become darker and more detail comes out. When the clarity is turned down, the lines disappear and a soft glow appears. So depending on whether you want a very gritty black and white picture or a very soft black and white picture that is reminiscent of Old Hollywood, you can definitely find the right black and white preset to use here.

Black and White Presets for Architecture

Black and white is a perfect setting to use for architecture. It brings out the clean lines of the building. With a black and white preset for Lightroom that you use for architecture, you can create exactly the mood and effect you want with your photograph.

Black and White Presets for Portraits

There’s a saying about black and white portraiture. When you take pictures in color, you are photographing clothes. When you take pictures in black and white, you are photographing expressions. To really make your portraits stand out, try them in black and white! Our black and white Lightroom presets have several options that will help you create stunning portraits.