Newborn and baby lightroom presets

Soften, lighten, and brighten your newborn and baby photos with our Lightroom presets for babies. Infant photography is a magical and important part of recording a time of life that passes all too quickly. To achieve stunning images of newborns, you need a few things. You need the studio and the adorable props. You need to know how to pose the babies adorably and safely. You need lots of patience, because babies will cry and need to be fed and changed during the session. You need lots of replacement blankets and even more wipes, because naked-butt pictures are still a thing. And you need really, really good editing skills.

When many photographers start doing baby photography, they feel frustrated about the images they get out of their cameras. They pose the babies right, take the pictures from just the right angles, and get images of babies sleeping adorably. But the pictures don’t look good. The babies’ faces are blotchy and red, and they look more like a potato than a cherub.

Here’s a secret

This is what every baby photographer’s pictures look like straight out of the camera. Babies are precious and of course parents want to record the first days and moments of their lives. But babies have very thin and delicate skin. Their blood vessels show underneath it. They are ruddy and mottled and sometimes they have blue patches on their temples. Sometimes they have bright red patches right in the middle of their foreheads.

This is where editing comes in. When you do a good job of editing a newborn session, the skin imperfections disappear. The awkward potato look vanishes. The baby looks like the tiny cherub the parents paid to have photographed.

Does this mean that you are lying with your photography and presenting an impossible standard of infant beauty? No! What it means is that you are erasing the flaws so that the beauty of the baby’s expressions and tiny size can shine through. The parents already have cell phone cameras to take pictures of their babies if they want images with baby acne and stork bites. But they are paying you to create artwork of their baby that they can hang on the wall and remember just how sweet and perfect their infant was.

That’s what our newborn Lightroom presets do. These presets soften the lines, mute the red tones a bit, and transform your image from raw to polished and ready to print in just one click. With our Lightroom presets for babies, you will save tons of time and make your customers happier, all at the same time!